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Charity & Partners

Oxford Animal Sanctuary

The O.A.S exist to provide a refuge for dogs, cats and rabbits who have been mistreated, neglected, abandoned, are unwanted and for those whose owners are no longer able to care for their pets.
Typically, they care for around 100 animals daily and rehome around 500 every year.
The Sanctuary aim to match their animals with suitable adopters so the next home is their forever home.
Where this is not possible, due to behavioural issues for example, the Sanctuary is their home and the staff and volunteers give them as close to a pet’s life as is possible. They are their sponsor animals.


The 2020 Pro Tour

“Putting the players first”

The 2020protour aims to provide male and female professional/amateur golfers with more opportunities to play at an affordable price for more prize money. We aim to help promote YOU the player, YOUR sponsors and YOUR golf club across all of our social media platforms. #

For more information please visit – – PUTTING THE PLAYERS FIRST

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Charity & Partners

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