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About & Hat Care

Our Story

‘Through the love of our dogs, golf and hats came the idea of combining them into something we could create, not just for our own enjoyment, but for those we believe are part of our community too. We know the love for mans best friend resonates amongst many of us, so why not bring that love affair to life?! In our case, the birth of Pharaoh Golf Co. The inspiration behind the brand came from our Alpha Male, Gizmo, our Egyptian Pharaoh Hound who was rescued by one of our Pack Leaders from the kill list in a Spanish impound 15 years ago. We know many animals suffer the same fate and need our support. With that at the forefront of the brands thinking, we will be partnering with The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary charity with a proportion of our sales being donated towards helping those needing that extra love and attention they deserve. We hope our ethos appeals to anyone with the same affinity we have for our pets and loves quality, stylish apparel, plus maybe the odd round of golf too!’

Meet The Directors


The youngest of our furry friends and quite possibly the youngest ‘director’ in the UK, Alfie is our Rough Collie puppy and loves life in the Cotswolds; where he spends most his time off the fairways hunting for sticks in the rough. Alfie’s design contribution to our headwear is the tartan lining you will find on the inside of our hats, a nod to his Scottish heritage where rough collies originated from. There’s no such thing as a bad round when you get to spend it with him!


Alpha Male, leader of the pack, and the inspiration behind the brand. Gizmo’s life wasn’t always so luxurious. The 15-year-old Pharaoh Hound was rescued as a puppy from a dog pound in Spain, after being abandoned and left to fend for himself. Now, he couldn’t be happier, after his dogs’ body Tom treats him like the Egyptian King, his namesake originates from. At the forefront of our design, Gizmo’s large ears are a prominent feature on our caps. He’s a constant reminder of our link to the charity, and one of the main reasons we started Pharaoh Golf Co.


Spike, the old boy of the team and sadly no longer with us. Spike was our much-loved Rhodesian Ridgeback and very much a protector of his family, he quickly adopted us when we took him in at a young age and often won the age old tussle as to ‘should dogs be allowed to share the bed?’. Spike gets the nod with the paw print design that features on the underside of the brims, the paw print left behind when you lose a member of your fur family.

Meet The Team

(General Dogs Bodies)


A passionate collector of headwear and the brainchild behind the original design and concept. Toms kind heart and caring nature resonates through everything that Pharaoh Golf Co stands for and does.

He has made it his life work for the last decade plus to convince James that growing a beard and wearing flat peaks will help him hang on to his youth. His attention to detail and desire to provide a modern and stylish look can be seen in all the hats we produce. At least the threads on your head will howl style!

Tom can either be found cuddled up on the sofa with Gizmo bringing a whole new meaning to ‘Netflix & Chill’ or on the practice range tirelessly looking for perfection. Either way he does so with a dogged enthusiasm and love for life.


The ‘senior’ member of the Pack, James brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Pharaoh Golf Co. He hasn’t gone ‘Barking Mad’ just yet.

A fellow dog and all-round animal lover, James has homed a menagerie of pets over the years. Most notably, his beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks. In fact, the paw print on the underside of our cap’s visor, is a nod to his loyal and much-loved furry friend, Spike.

Another passion in James’s life, is the ‘Glorious Game’ of golf. Doglegs don’t phase him, as he hits the ball so far, he takes them out of play.

A now, avid collector of headwear (Thanks to Tom’s peer pressure), James has a keen eye for detail in design, and will always critique our work to make sure we leave no bone unturned.

If not busy as Head of Business & Finance at PGC HQ or on the course, James can be found chilling in the sun or sat watching Chicago Bears…. Usually from behind the sofa.


Alex has spent more time on the course than most of us can even dream of and comes from good golfing stock. Playing and competing internationally at an elite amateur and professional level, representing Brighton University while there studying and even turning professional at the age of 25, he’s seen the trials and tribulations along the way. The idea of creating a brand that actually wants to look after the end user rather than ‘over promise and underperform’ while staying current and edgy is close to his heart.

Top dog in his household, just below Alfie, his beloved girlfriend (and some guests), Alex was inspired to ‘join the pack’ to make a difference to those animals supported and looked after by The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. As the ‘young pup’ of the team Alex is looking forward to continuing the Pharaoh legacy long after Tom and James have ‘forgotten’ what score they got on the last.

How To Clean Your Cap

  • Ideally you should give it a gentle clean with a lint roller after every wear. Don’t have lint roller to hand? You can also use sticky tape!
  • Wet wipes are also very good for cleaning, if it is a little more than dusty. Here we recommend using plain ones. Baby wipes are great for cleaning! Ideal to clean the inside of the brim once a week.
  • If you are quite the cap collector, it is a good idea to store your caps in cap boxes with some tissue paper, to keep them free from dust.

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